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Baby Boy Names That Begin With M


Updated June 03, 2014

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M - Boy

Macallister (Irish)
son of Alistair

Macaulay (Scottish)
son of righteousness

Macon (German)

Magee (Irish)
son of Hugh

Malachi (Hebrew)
angel of God

Malcolm (Irish)
servant of St. Columbus

Malik (Arabic)

Mannix (Irish)

Mark (Latin)

Marsden (Anglo-Saxon)
from the marsh valley

Marshall (Old French)
horse groom

Martin (Latin)

Marvin (Teutonic)
famous friend

Mason (Latin)
stone worker

Matthew (Hebrew)
gift of God

Maxwell (Anglo-Saxon)
dweller by the spring

Melvin (Irish)
gentle chief

Merrill (Teutonic)

Merritt (Latin)

Micah (Hebrew)
like unto the Lord

Michael (Hebrew)
who is like God

Mohammad (Arabic)

Moses (Hebrew)
drawn from the water

Mufutau (Islamic)
key to paradise

Murphy (Irish)
sea warrior

Myles (Latin)

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