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Announcing Your Pregnancy Collection - Stories of Telling People You're Pregnant


Updated December 11, 2009

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Older First Time Mom Tells Grandpa for Father's Day
Well, it's Father's Day. A big day for me this year. I have the pleasure of spending the day with my husband, a newly expecting Dad - his first Father's Day, and my Dad. My Mom already knows about my pregnancy. It was just confirmed last week. My Mom is a bit superstitious and did not tell my Dad feeling that we might want to wait until the end of my first trimester - but there is no way that I can keep the secret that long! I'm 38 years old, and a first time Mom, I want to scream my news to the WORLD! Today, we will be visiting my Mom and Dad for Father's Day Lunch, and I plan on giving my Dad a Grandpa's Father's Day card from the baby to let him know that the baby will be here for Father's Day next year!

I'll think he'll be thrilled, I'm an only girl of 4 children. I'll update you on how things go! Have a great Father's Day everyone!

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