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Fun Ways to Share Your Pregnancy Announcement

Pregnancy Announcements


Updated May 16, 2014

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Being able to tell someone you are pregnant is usually a positive experience. This is so much so that many families decide to tell people about their pregnancy in really fun ways. The more over the top the better in so many ways. Having a baby really changes your life - why wouldn't you want this to be a special moment?

Some things to consider when you are deciding to tell someone about your pregnancy includes:

  • Who are you telling? This can make a huge difference to remember that you might tell your partner very differently than you might tell your grandma.
  • Where are you telling them? Remember the old cliche of breaking up with someone in a public place to reduce the chance of an outburst?  This is the reverse. If you think the person is going to be incredibly excited and scream with joy - think about where that might now be appropriate.
  • When are you telling them? Be considerate when you're looking to tell someone. Are they tired? Frustrated? Have they just gotten their own good news? Bad news? All of these things can affect the response that you get.
  • What do you anticipate their response to be? Look, if you know that the response is not going to be a super positive one, for whatever reason, just maybe consider toning it down. Don't waste a lot of energy on these people. (My mom is grumpy about everything, so I'm just going to tell her later in pregnancy and usually over the phone.)
  • How do you want to remember it? What is your preference? Do you want a big surprise announcement? Do you want to make the next viral video pregnancy announcement?  You matter!

Here are some stories sent in by readers from around the world about how they announced their pregnancies in a creative manner.

Add your pregnancy announcement ideas!


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