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Box Subscriptions for Your Period


Updated April 06, 2013

Yes, it's true, you can now get a box subscription even for your period. At first, I thought it was a crazy idea. I started reading more and I found out that there were several of these in existence. That said, I actually found myself thinking there might be something to this. Though I will also say that it's a luxury thing. You don't have to do it, you do it because it provides you convenience or fun. I actually started thinking that when you're trying to get pregnant, your period sucks. So at least having a little treat would be something to look forward too. So, here's my round up!

And if you need help tracking your menstrual cycle, here are some help ways you can stay up to date with your body. Just a note: There are coupons out there or referral codes. There are neither on this page.


Hello Flo Tampon Delivery Service
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HelloFlo offers three different subscriptions: Low, Medium and Heavy. Each has its own definition of what supplies are needed, which is how many and what type of tampons or pads and pantiliners. Though no matter which one you choose, it's going to arrive with treats. I personally loved the adorable green and white polka dotted basket it came in and my oldest daughter was just sitting around lamenting how much she loved Pocky, when I opened the package, she squealed and ran out - with the Pocky. This was bright and cheerful and really did pick me up when it arrived. The amount of supplies seems about right, though there is no way to customize it beyond selecting which package you want. So if you don't want pads, too bad, they show up anyway. Prices range between $14-18 depending on which package.


Juniper Subscription Box for Your Period
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Juniper is designed to treat you right during your period. They currently only offer tampons and do not do pads. The packaging was really nice, with nearly everything coming in a silky bag. (The bag makes a great way to tuck tampons in your purse without being obvious!) They also want to be supportive, so you're assigned a Juniper BFF. This person can help you solve all your period problems. I actually have to say that I had a billing problem, my credit card was stolen during the billing cycle. Rather than the standard, card denied note, I got a personalized not from my BFF telling me that, darn, it sucks when that happens and it happened to her too. It was oddly a lot nicer to deal with. (Though I didn't realize it was a real person at first.) Of all the boxes I got, this was actually one of the nicer ones. It was really a nice treat to get and made me smile.

They currently offer Tampax, Tampax Pearl, o.b., U by Kotex, natra care, and Platex Gentle Glide. That's quite a selection. After you've picked your tampon brand,you will tell Juniper when you expect your next cycle. It asks if you want Midol and back up protection. After entering your information like shipping, you sit and wait. The cost is $28 a cycle.

My Cotton Bunny

My Cotton Bunny
Photo © REW
My Cotton Bunny provides not only a selection of period protection items (pads or tampons), but something to keep you warm and cozy. I got a box that had a pair of socks that were very soft, but even better than that - the presentation! They were done up like a cupcake topped with a sucker. There was also a sample of chocolate and hot chocolate. My only complaint? The box was doused with some perfume. The smell was overwhelming. When I washed the socks, the smell was immediately gone - nothing to worry about. The cost is $13.75 a month. Update: They actually read reviews and make changes!

28 Day Hug

28 Day Hug
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The 28 Day Hug is slightly different than the other box subscriptions that are around your cycle. This one is $3.99 plus shipping and handling. Inside each month's shipment you'll find a chocolate bar, some tea bags, and an aromatherapy gift (like a bath fizzy or shower tablet). I also got a sample (as you can see in the photo) with mine. This is certainly the version for people who want to have a little something special, but don't want to have to predict what type of feminine protection they wear. This makes it great for women who are either A) successful this cycle in getting pregnant or who B) choose alternative methods like the Diva Cup for their monthly flow. (I also admit that I've considered sending this to someone who needed a hug - period or not.)

Le Parcel

Le Parcel Period Subscription Box
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Le Parcel offers a combination (or not) of pads, panty liners and tampons. You can select any combination of thirty products. This is actually very nice. While many tampon boxes offer combo packs, it's still rarely in just the right proportions. This is even better because you can add any combination of the three together.

In addition to the feminine protection, you've got some sweet treats. My box had a delicious cake pop and some really yummy chap stick. The chap stick was certainly a lot fancier than I would normally have purchased for myself, but I certainly will go back for this brand in the future. The box comes in a discreet plain wrapper. This subscription comes in at $15 per cycle.

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