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Choose the Sex of Your Baby Old Wives Tales
Jun 3, 2014 ... A look at a collection of old wives tales surrounding choosing the sex of your baby.
Old Wives - Pregnancy & Childbirth - About.com
Olds wives tales abound in pregnancy, how can you tell fact from fiction when it comes to stories like about topics like bathing, protecting your baby and peeing ...
Is your baby a girl or boy? - The Old Wives Tale Quiz - Pregnancy ...
Nov 27, 2014 ... Here's a collection of the Old Wives Tales that predict boy or girl in pregnancy based on various tales. Is there power in numbers? Find out what ...
Old Wives Tales: Baby Gender - Calorie Count
The only old wives' tale I found to be true from all my pregnancies is the one where they say that if your pregnant with a girl she takes all the ...
Pregnancy Myths and Old Wives Tales - Pregnancy & Childbirth
Share your pregnancy related old wives tales and myths. Page 2.
Myths on Bathing During Pregnancy - Old Wives Tales - Urban ...
Old Wives Tales about Pregnancy. Myth: I heard that you're not to take baths because germs could get into your vagina and be passed to the baby. Truth: This is ...
old wives' tale - Urban Legends - About.com
Definition of old wives' tale - A traditional belief, often founded in superstition, typically stated in the form of a maxim or proverb.
Nuchal Cord Myths - Old Wives Tales - Urban Legends and Folklore
Old wives tale about the causes of nuchal cord, from your About.com Guide.
Parenting Myths and Old Wives Tales - Pediatrics - About.com
Many of these myths are just 'old wives tales,' and while they are generally not harmful, they can be confusing to a new parent who is trying to learn to do the ...
What Is Your Favorite Old Wives Tale - Eastern European Food
Eastern Europeans are a superstitious lot. We believe in omens, fortune telling, and old wives' tales. Some are bizarre and some are laughable and some, have  ...
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