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Newborn Babies - Pregnancy & Childbirth - About.com
Wonder what to expect from your newborn bundke of joy?
What a Newborn Baby Really Looks Like - Pregnancy & Childbirth
Jun 16, 2014 ... The image of newborn babies is largely distorted by the media these days. We see chubby, bright eyed, smiling babies. This means that when ...
What a Newborn Baby with Vernix Looks Like - Pregnancy & Childbirth
Jun 16, 2014 ... Vernix is a milky, cheese-like substance that covers your baby's skin. Every baby is covered in vernix, even if you don't see it at birth.
Newborn Physical Development Benchmarks: 0-3 Months
The first 3 months of your newborn's physical development will pass by more quickly than you can imagine. During this time you will note changes in your infant's ...
Baby Products for Newborns (Breast Pumps to Car Seats)
When you're expecting a baby, the products checklists can seem a little overwhelming! The good news is that newborn babies through about three months old ...
What Size Should I Buy for a Newborn? - Baby Clothes - About.com
It's hard to determine what baby size to buy a newborn. Do you opt for newborn sizes? Or immediately jump to 0-3 months? Here's an easy way to decide what ...
Newborns and Babies - Pediatrics - About.com
Look here at some of the normal characteristics of babies at birth and get a sense for what your newborn will be like, a different look at the most precious time.
Products You Don't Need for a Newborn - Baby Products - About.com
I think I even had some size 5T clothes for my daughter when she was still in newborn sizes! While it's natural to want to be completely prepared for anything ...
Newborn Growth and Development - Baby's First Year - About.com
As your baby ages, you need to key into milestones of newborn development. Here's what to expect of your infant's growth and development in the early weeks  ...
Newborn Sleep Norms and Expectations
Newborn sleep is quite different from that of babies who are 3 months to a year old. Expectations for the sleep of a newborn should be developmentally ...
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