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Jessica's Birth

Hi, my name is Nikki. My husband Mat and I just had our second child. Jessica is a beautiful baby girl who weighed nine pounds at birth. She now weighs a whopping 14 pounds at 2 weeks. I went in to labor at 1 am on Saturday night I told Mat it was time, he said @#$#. You, are kidding! I said start the ####### car or I am going to make you have this @#%$*& baby. We got to the hospital at 7 am, because Mat's car broke. I was 4 cm dilated and wanted to DIE!! I asked for pain relief and they refused till I was 7cm. (sorry about your thumb Mat.) Finally at 1pm I was at 8cm and good and ready for pain relief! When given the epidural Mat fainted. When it was 2pm I was in transition 9cm and 100% effaced. I could not wait for the next centimeter. Suddenly at 2:30 my water was broken by my ob. I was ready to push at 3pm I pushed for 30 min and our Jessica was born and at 3:10 the placenta was born. I would like to say do not have 2 children between the ages of 16+18 it is a big mistake but I love my Ryan and Jessica, I would not trade them for anything in the world. Update Mat has bought a new car.


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