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Dads in the Delivery Room

Should he be there or not?

If you are not ready to take the Dads in the Delivery Room Quiz, learn more about dads being involved in the birth below:


  • Labor & Delivery Videos
    Here is a list of quick, free videos you can watch to prepare for birth.

  • Books for Dads
    Here is a list of books that dads can read to prepare for birth. Some focus on the entire process while others are handy birth books for your labor bag.

  • Childbirth Class Options
    A look at all of the things you might expect to find in a childbirth class and a bit more!

  • Dad's Labor Bag
    What to pack for dad for labor.

  • How to Support a Woman with an Epidural
    A quick class on giving labor support when she's had an epidural.

  • Childbirth Class and the Epidural
    So, you're planning on an epidural for labor. Do you still need those childbirth classes? The answer might surprise you.

  • 10 Ways to Comfort a Laboring Woman
    You get the idea…

  • Childbirth Classes the Second Time Around
    Do you need a childbirth class if you've had a baby before?

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