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Why Choose Vaginal Birth?

  • Surgery is frightening, lonely and painful. Medications and anesthetics can be dangerous to both mother and baby.

  • For almost all women, emergencies excluded, vaginal birth is much safer for both mother and baby.

  • No mother wants to be separated from her baby. No baby wants to be taken from his/her mother.

  • The experience of actively delivering a baby is exciting and empowering.

  • Vaginal birth is the essence of femininity to most women. It biologically and physically links all women. It is also an expression of a woman's sexuality.

  • No one likes feeling victimized and out of control.

  • Being cut open, for anything, may leave one feeling violated and disturbed.

  • When a mother is able to immediately step in and nurture her infant and care for herself, her self-esteem is high. This is often not so after surgical birth, due to the limitations after major abdominal surgery. Strength and energy return quickly after vaginal birth.

  • Nursing gets a good solid start directly after vaginal birth. Even new mothers often feel more confident in nursing if they have had a vaginal delivery. Surgery often interrupts bonding and nursing with the newborn.

  • Childbirth is a JOY to be cherished probably only a few times in a woman's life.

  • Pregnancy affords women nine long months of expectation. Surgery is an emotional letdown to a woman who is looking forward to a normal birth.

  • Women often feel like their bodies have let them down. Emergencies happen; we must all face the uncertainty of life at some point, but it does not diminish the flood of feelings even knowing this.

  • There is always risk in surgery, both for mother and baby.

  • Women feel a connection to other women after having a vaginal birth experience. The feeling is heightened after a VBAC.

  • Mothers feel connected to their husbands or partners as they work together to birth their child. This is often interrupted in a surgical birth.

  • Women have a right to birth their children, without the need of any reasons!

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