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Baby's Heart Beat

Your baby's heart will begin to beat in the first trimester. Typically this cannot be heard with even a Doppler until the 9-10th week of pregnancy at the earliest, sometimes not until the 12-14th weeks of pregnancy. A baby's heart beat, often called fetal heart tones (FHT), is very rapid, much faster than an adult's. In fact it starts out near 180 beats per minute (BPM) and around 12 weeks gestation settles into the normal range of 120-160 BPM for the remainder of the pregnancy.

Hear a baby's heartbeat at 10 weeks 2 days gestation, 160 beats per minute (BPM).
AUDIO Hear the heart beat. (MP3)

Normal Fetal Heart Rate | Pregnancy Week by Week | How to Listen to Baby's Heart Beat

Here's how some people reacted to hearing their baby's heart beat:

"It was so fast! I couldn't get over how fast it was going. It really did sound like galloping horses."

"At first I thought something was wrong, everyone talked about how fast it should be. All I could hear was gurgling and swishing. The nurse told me it was the placenta I heard."

"It seemed to take forever to find it. The longer it took, the more worried I got. When they finally found it I was so relieved. It seemed like 10 minutes though it was probably just a minute. My doctor said that the baby was so small it could swim away easily."

"We brought my mother-in-law with us. She really wanted to come and hear it. I was not really happy about bringing her, but honestly, watching her face light up in delight was totally worth it. I think it also made her attitude change towards me and the baby."

"My boy friend hadn't been able to come to our first appointment, but got off for a long lunch to attend this one. He was so excited - he really jumped for joy."

"The pregnancy hadn't really seemed real to me. Sure, I saw the positive pregnancy test and I watched her throw up and complain, but it hadn't sunken in. Hearing the heart beat made it so real for me, like a light bulb moment."

"When my wife let me listen to the heart beat she'd recorded on her phone, it was so wild. I felt nervous and excited and scared, all at once. It was great."

"I had been feeling a bit disconnected. It was our second baby and while we'd wanted to get pregnant, I was second guessing our decision and feeling worried about how we'd manage. Hearing that heart beat made me fall in love instantly and a sense of calm came over me. I knew we'd struggle with issues, but I was super excited to meet this little one."

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