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Cameras at Birth


Updated May 16, 2014

Photographers in the Delivery Room

Having your own birth photos can be important to you.

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You've probably always assumed that you would have pictures of your new baby. You may have even thought of a few good labor pictures or even possible some of the birth. Maybe you've been dreaming high tech and are planning on having a video camera present.

Guess what. You'd better make sure that you are allowed.

That's right, some hospitals and birthing facilities are not allowing photos of the labor, birth and some even go as far as to say for the first few postpartum hours.

There are some critics of these hospital policies who say that this is merely a way to prevent someone from using a videotape in a court proceeding, after all many surgeries are video taped. Others say it's more convenience for the practitioners.

Supporters, mostly hospital policy makers, say that it is to allow you and your baby the very best care.

All the policies are not so black and white, you can video tape postpartum, or you can video tape labor and postpartum but not the birth. You can video tape vaginal deliveries but not cesareans. Some places will allow you to video or photograph with your doctors permission only.

I personally cherish my photos and videos. (Just to clarify, many videos are done in a very modest way and are not what I would call "Crotch shots.")

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