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Fainting and Dizziness in Pregnancy


Updated November 18, 2006

Fainting is common during pregnancy. The blood may pool in the lower body and the brain may become temporarily deprived of oxygen, causing fainting or dizziness.


  • Avoid standing for long periods of time

  • While standing practice contracting and relaxing your leg and buttocks muscles to help blood return to your head

  • When resting lay on your side as opposed to your back

  • When sitting return to standing slowly

  • Don't get out of a hot bath too quickly

  • Keep cool in hot weather

  • If you feel faint, sit to avoid injury and place your head lower than your body, kneeling on all fours works too

  • Make sure you blood sugar isn't low, eat small protein rich snacks throughout the day

  • Shiatsu points Lung 9 (LU9) and Heart 7 (HT7) together, if done by someone else, or separately if alone, for 5-7 seconds, repeat three times, then do the same to the opposite arm

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