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Quickening Memories


Updated January 05, 2004

Well, with my first, now 18, I remember thinking every gas bubble or belly gurgle, might be the baby moving. I'd catch my breath in anticipation, put my hand on my belly, feel around a bit--waiting to feel it again, and end up passing gas or realizing that it was just digestion in progress. Hehee!

When I finally did feel that fetal flutter, I just knew that it was my baby moving, because it was more centralized and lower in my abdomen than the previous bubbles and gurgles had been.

The quickening occurred around my 5th month, and was the moment of 'truth' -- there really is a baby in there! I was filled with amazement, relief, excitement, and fear, all at the same time. I was amazed at how phenomenal the process of human development really is, relieved that there was finally movement--a hopeful sign that everything was okay, excited about becoming a mother, and fearful over possible complications, and what lie ahead through the duration of the pregnancy and birth.

Those feelings pretty much followed suit with my next two children, now 9 and 4. Although, after ten years of numerous miscarriages occurring during the first trimester, before my second was born, that quickening signified a much greater sense of relief and confirmation. Instead of being so fearful over the pregnancy and birth, as I was with the first, I was filled with optimism, assured that everything would be okay... and, praise the Lord, it was!

Lynn Johnson
Mom to Shawn, Derek, and Riley

I remember feeling Julia (who is now 20 months old and my only child) moving inside me when I was around 15 weeks pregnant. My doctor said it was too early to feel anything, but there was this flutter, it almost felt a bit like a muscle twitch would feel in your arm, but this was deep inside my abdomen. It was so light, so gentle, sweet, but, how can I explain this...it felt important somehow, it almost felt like the flutter was calling out, "notice me." I just KNEW it was my baby, even if the doctor said it couldn't be! Later, when they could listen with the stethoscope, we could match up the baby's movements with my own sensations, and it turned out that it WAS Julia!

Mary Shomon
About.com Thyroid Guide, and Julia's Mom

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