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Fetal Movement Questions

Q. This is my first baby. I am 20 weeks pregnant and I'm not sure if I've felt the baby move yet. Should I be worried?

A. No, while it's hard not to be concerned there really isn't much to be concerned about. First time moms will usually feel their baby's movements between 18-24 weeks. There are many things that will affect how soon you feel the baby move, including:

  • Your Weight
  • Location of your placenta (Anterior Placentas sometimes prevent moms from feeling baby until s/he is very big.)
  • How many babies you've had before (Once you've felt it you are more likely to remember and recognize the feeling.)

So, what should you feel? Well, it seems that everyone describes it differently. Some moms describe it as feelign queasy, while others say bubbles or butterflies. You will probably feel the baby and question yourself about what you've felt. Don't despair, your little one will soon make his or her prescence very known. If you are really concerned talk to your practitioner.

Q. When will my husband be able to feel the baby?

A. While it takes a mom a good 24 weeks to begin feeling the baby, it will take dad and others longer. Sometime between 28-32 others around you can feel the baby if they put their hands on your belly. The baby just needs to be a bit bigger before it can be felt from the outside. However, be aware that baby will play games and you may have to be patient.

Q. My baby seems to move all the time. Is that normal?

A. Every baby is very different. Some will seem to be very quiet, while others are very active. Try to see your baby's movements as a sign of well-being. As long as you are getting enough movements a day, I wouldn't be concerned with movement that seems to be frequent. Ask your practitioner if you are really concerned.

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