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Doula Birth Stories

Birth is a powerful force. These birth stories have been graciously sent by our readers so that you may share their experiences, and gain knowledge of alternatives and practices. We hope you enjoy the stories! If you would like to submit your birth story, please send it to us at: pregnancy@aboutguide.com.

Diana's Birth
Hospital, morphine, doula, VBAC.

Owen & Clara's Birth
Twins, homebirth, natural birth, midwife, doula.

Christian and Landon's Birth
Hospital, vacuum, epidural, doula, midwife, VBAC.

Trevor Allen's Birth
Natural birth, hospital, doula.

Lilah's Birth
Home birth, midwife, doula, siblings, father caught baby.

Tyler Ross Stafford
Unmedicated, birth center, midwife, doula.

Kaleigh's Birthday
Induction, doula, cesarean. A pictorial essay. Written account.

Katie's Birth Story
Hospital, OB, VBAC, doula.

Pierce Allen Ralston's Birth Story
VBAC after 3 cesareans, Stadol, no episiotomy.

Kelly's Birth
Diabetic, doula, VBAC, epidural.

Avram's Birth
Homebirth transport, pitocin, spinal, cesarean.

Two Births
Induction, cesarean, doula, VBAC, unmedicated.

Kaleigh's Birthday
Induction, doula, cesarean. A pictorial essay. Written account.

Julia's Birth Story
Breech, cesarean, doula.

Cameron's Birth Story
Gestational diabetes, cesarean, doula.

Isabel's Birth Story
P Gel, cytotec induction, midwife, hospital, unmedicated, doula.

Isaac Forman Weiss's Birth Story
Home birth, siblings present, dad's version

Madeleine's Birth Story
Induction, 5 weeks early, pitocin, P-gel, Nubain, epidural.

Benjamin's Birth Story
Homebirth, midwife, long labor.

Josie's Birth Story
Toxemia, cytotec induction, Pitocin, hospital, epidural, doula.

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