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Quad Pregnancy


Updated January 04, 2004

It was nice reading so many birth stories and I thought I could tell my story in hopes that it might give other women in the same situation courage and the knowledge that they are not alone.

Our first born, a girl was born in 1990, she is a beautiful girl and like most parents we wanted to have more children so that she might have siblings and that we could enjoy raising them.

However, the road we were about to travel was a very long and strenuous one. I started having extremely irregular periods, as well as erratic ones. After 1 year of trying on our own I consulted my OBGYN and he performed a laprascopy to make sure everything was intact and that there were no problems. He told me I had some fluid-filled cysts on my ovaries and he aspirated them. He said I should have no problem conceiving. I started on my first round of clomid with great anticipation and hope. However, to make a long story short, month after month, year after year went by. I was a guinea pig. My pills were increased slowly until I was at 5 clomid pills a day for 5 days. I couldn't take the pressure anymore, my OBGYN washed his hands of me and sent me to a Fertility Clinic. 2 years under his care and nothing. I was a wreck. I wanted to give up.

My husband and I thought we would give this fertility doctor a try and we went to him after we took 6 weeks break. He was really nice and by looking at me diagnosed me with POC because most patients who are overweight and carry mostly in the stomach area have this condition. He put me through one month of Pergonal and cancelled the cycle after 20 viles because I was not creating follicles. After a consultation with me he informed me I was coming to the last stage. (I had something called ovarian drilling which used to be known as a wedge resection). Once I recouperated I was back in his office. Another month of fertiltiy drugs and my body responded. 8 ripe follicles, but none were fertilized. It was Dec. 96 this was the last straw. My husband and I decided that if this cycle didn't work we would call it quits.

Our dreams were realized, I became pregnant!!!! It was discovered that I was expecting quads, but that was short lived. 12 weeks into the pregnancy and one of the embryos didn't make it. Triplets were expected. I had a great pregnancy up until week 22. I was at home with my daughter (age 6) and I went upstairs to open a window. I felt a gush and began to bleed. I thought I was miscarrying everything right there and then. The ambulance whisked me to the Hospital and got the bleeding under control. I was sent home 2 days later for complete bedrest. My pregnancy was ok for the next 3 weeks, but at my 25 week visit they noticed that Triplet C was retaining water in it's abdomen. I was sent to Sick Kids for tests and it was discovered that baby C had a small hole in it's heart, but was to be ok. But on week 29 our little pumpkin died. It was the most emotional time of my life. Here I was carrying 3 babies and was ecstatic and now I had lost another one, this one that I had seen on the ultrasound screen each week, this one that I felt kicking along with the other two, this one that was so lively and bouncing around playing inside of me. My husband and I were devastated. Our minds were in a turmoil and we feared the lives of our other two babies. I was sent home having to carry my dead baby inside of me right beside my other two lively babies. But God gave me grace and shortly after baby C's death I went into labour (week 32) and was rushed to the Hospital. My blood pressure went through the roof and they couldn't stabilize me. I was 4 cm. dialated and I went into shock. I was given injections to bring my blood pressure down and whisked off to the operating room. Under a general anaesthetic my 3 wonderful babies were born. When I awoke my husband was by my side. He was distraught.

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