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Baby Pools

Make your bets - boy or girl?


Updated April 23, 2014

Baby pools are fun! Where else do you get to go gambling on someone else's birthdate?

A baby pool usually consists of a guessing game based on mom's due date, where people enter guesses about when the baby will be born, the gender or sex of the baby and the length. So pools even throw in how long labor will last. (I'd save that for the brave of heart!)

Typically you might think of the office baby pool as a thing of the past, but actually the practice is thriving in many areas. How the pool is administered varies widely, however. Some choose to have their baby pool set up so that each guess costs you a dollar or two. The money can either go in a pot and be given to the winner or to the parents as a gift to the new baby.

The winner is usually determined by whomever gets the closest on the most categories, though some baby pools are set up or regulated differently. You can use a program like Excel or another spreadsheet to keep track of the bets. If that's too fancy for you good old fashioned paper works really well too.

By allowing others to see the latest guesses you can spur others to play, not to mention having a great laugh around the water cooler about the potential results. For a fun twist you might even have each player leave a few words of wisdom to the parents-to-be.

If high tech is what you're looking for, you can now manage your baby pools online at expectnet.com. They offer a free service, though every player must register to enter a guess. It will accept twins and other multiples. It allows you to guess gender, birth date, weight and length. It even leaves a place for comments. The page is set up so that you can actually leave messages about your pregnancy and birth to the players. It also has an email program to invite users to play. There is even a space to link to your baby registries if you desire to do so. This makes a nice addition to online baby shower capabilities.

No matter how you do a baby pool, consider the fun possibilities involved. It's a great way to share a few laughs and to spread the good news about the birth of your baby.

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