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Baby Sock Corsage

Great for baby shower entertaining.


Updated May 01, 2013

Pink and Blue Baby Socks
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Here is a very cute idea for a baby shower favor to give the guests or to use to single out special guests like the mother-to-be, grandmothers, etc. It is made from baby socks, which makes it a nice gift to give back to the expectant mother. They are very easy to make, so you do not need real talent to make them, just a bit of patience!

Things you need:

  • Couple of pairs of baby socks
  • Floral or crafting wire
  • Green floral tape or clear tape
  • Two feet of one inch ribbon
  • Bud vase or Diaper Pins
  • Scissors

Choose the color of socks you wish to have. If you know the gender of the baby you can color code the socks or use a variety of colors. I personally like how the lace looks on the flowers, so I tend to use those even when we know the baby is going to be a boy. The easiest type of sock to use is the thinner nylon type socks, as opposed to the cotton socks, but either do work.

Unroll your sock to begin. From the toe of the sock roll it up towards the open end of the sock at a slight angle. As you begin to run out of sock to roll, flip the open end of the sock up towards the toe, like you were matching socks while doing laundry. This will form the shape of a flower bud. If you use the lace socks you can pull the lace around the edge of the newly formed flower bud.

Take your floral tape or your regular tape and create an encircled spot on the bottom of the bud, away from the opening. You can now use the bud to make either a floral vase arrangement or small corsages.

To make an bud vase arrangement, thread a piece of floral or crafting wire through the middle of the open end of the sock and through the tape. It should be long enough to allow the flower to stand up in the vase. For a slight variation, attach the buds to flat baby rattles and place in a vase.

To make a corsage, you will simply use the diaper pins as the corsage pin. Take the pin and pierce the tape, pin on to the person who is supposed to wear the corsage. You can pin several together by interlocking the diaper pins. Some diaper pins are very plain, others come with decorated pin heads. You can decide if you wish to show them off or not.

Take the ribbon and use it to decorate your buds. It can be tied directly around the vase of the arrangement or cut and used to tie into bows for the corsages. This step can also be skipped if you choose not to add a ribbon.

Hopefully these cute little craft ideas will work well for you. They are very cute to use as decorations and my family has come to expect them at nearly every baby shower we have. Enjoy!

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