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Robin Elise Weiss, LCCE

Holiday Inductions

By December 23, 2010

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Induction of Labor

Okay so the holidays are coming up. One of the things I've noticed year after year is that there is an increase in the induction rates just before holidays, but truly a lot of them occur before the winter holidays, oh and the end of the tax year. I remember one year I had three women due around Thanksgiving. One went into spontaneous labor the Sunday before Thanksgiving. One choose to be induced Monday morning so that she could be home in time for Thanksgiving (She was 38 weeks.) and the third choose to be induced that Tuesday for the same reason. I was crazy busy - but so were the hospitals. My clients who were scheduling induction kept getting bumped by others in the same situation. The real kicker here is that none of these women had medical reasons to be induced.

As we head towards Christmas and New Year's we'll begin to see the same pattern. Though the truth of the matter is that induction of labor carries risks with it, including the risk of prematurity, fetal distress and an increased risk of cesarean section. (In fact for first time moms, the risk of a c-section is doubled with induction of labor.) So while, you may be thinking that you'll be home for Christmas or New Year's if you get induced, you might ask yourself how you'll be feeling after an induced labor or even a c-section.

Did you or did someone you know get induced because of a holiday?

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